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Teljesen véletlenül futottunk bele a Facebookon dr. Evan Antin profiljába, de utólag nem tudunk elég hálásak lenni.

Antint Facebookon közel félmillióan, Instagramon pedig kétszer ennyien követik, és Los Angeles közelében, Thousand Oaksban dolgozik egy állatorvosi rendelőben. Valószínűleg nem létezik olyan állat, amivel ne pózolt volna már.

Itt például egy óriási tengerimalaccal videózta magát:

Look at this PIGGY! Guinea Piggy, that is I had an awesome day at the LA Guinea Pig Rescue @laguineapigrescue yesterday! The staff is amazing and they do a super job taking care of their resident and adoptable GP’s. Last year they found over 800 GP’s homes The GP breed in this video is a Cui (pronounced Koo-eee), btw. This breed is the largest of all GP’s and is the one used for food animal production in South America. FYI they’re NOT good pets because they very skittish and almost none of them enjoy being handled ever. They really shouldn’t be in the pet trade but unfortunately they’re still often sold at major pet stores. If you’re thinking about getting a GP please do your research. They can be amazing little pet friends but they do require certain needs and may not be an ideal “starter” pet. For one-for them to be happy they need much larger enclosures than what’s typically sold at pet stores. A big surface area is important so they have several places to hide and explore. Also-never get just 1 pig, they’re extremely social so 2 GP’s is a mandatory minimum but 3 is even better ? Best of luck if you’re considering them as a pet and again-know what you’re getting into! Just like any pet…#adopt #adoptdontshop #guineapigs #gp #rescue #southamerica #cui #acuiisnotforyouee #guineapigslookstupid #butheyreactuallyprettysmart

Evan Antin (@dr.evanantin) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2017. Júl 11., 22:59 PDT

Itt egy kicsivel nagyobb kutyával:

Attempting to take a pic with an 84 lb (38 kg) #EnglishMastiff that can’t sit still is a bit of a joke However, this breed brings up a very important topic-What age to neuter!? There are several factors that go into making this decision for a giant breed but in general, I personally try to wait until they’re at least 1 year old. The reason is because as the intact (not neutered) dog matures their testosterone, which is produced primarily from the testes , is a major player for them to develop a well-muscled body. The thought process here is that having more muscle will better support the joints and reduce osteoarthritis (aka OA) as the dog ages. OA is almost inevitable in giant breed and even most large breed dogs btw; common joints affected include all major weight bearing joints like hips, knees (aka stifles), elbows, ankles (aka hocks), wrists (aka carpi), shoulders, and back (intervertebral) joints. Believe it or not but if the dog is a good candidate I might consider not neutering at all…this of course is assuming they don’t have access to intact females, are not dog or people aggressive, don’t try to escape the yard (usually in search for females), and overall behave as little gentlemen. But keep in mind that other male dogs (intact OR not) tend to be more aggressive towards intact male dogs because of the testosterone-related pheromones put out by an intact dog. That’s all just my opinion and if you have questions regarding your pet then I highly encourage you to consult with your local vet! Overall, neutering is extremely valuable and very important as a small animal vet ??? Best of luck and happy castrating #mastiff #giant #dog #neuter #intact #vet #vetmed #veterinary #noneedforamateifyoucastrate #nocatcallsiftheresnoballs #dontbeafoolandleavethejewels #justmakeacutrightoverthenut #drseusswouldbeproud @conejovet

Evan Antin (@dr.evanantin) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2017. Júl 8., 21:44 PDT

Itt pedig egy kígyót fog be:

What reptile is more #patriotic than a #rattlesnake !? Please respect these fine creatures and understand their true value in the ecosystems they inhabit and that’s especially by helping control small mammal populations. This is not only important for a balanced ecosystem & food chain but also helps reduce the spread of diseases including zoonotic diseases (= disease transmissible from animals to humans) and reduce damage to farm crops by small mammals. This Prairie rattlesnake was 4 feet long btw! I hope all my American compadres had a wonderful #4thofjuly ? #USA #independenceday #snake #humansareanimalstoo #patriot #merica #proudtobeanamerican #americaf@ckya

Evan Antin (@dr.evanantin) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2017. Júl 5., 03:28 PDT

Ritka, de azért olyan is van, hogy nincs állat a fotóján:

#jungle #riverbridge #hangingbridge #bohol #philippines #seasia

Evan Antin (@dr.evanantin) által megosztott bejegyzés, 2016. Nov 17., 07:54 PST

Instagramon már több mint 600 posztja van, Youtube-ra viszont eddig csak 17 videót töltött fel. Mentségére legyen szólva, ezek sokkal mélyebbek.

Beszél például az állatok elaltatásáról:

De nemrég szó volt nála arról is, hogy a világ bizonyos tájain hogyan és miért fogyasztják az emberek a kutya illetve a macska húsát:


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