Odakinn már lehet Deadpool 3 jegyeket venni

Odakinn már lehet Deadpool 3 jegyeket venni

Ryan Reynolds az előrendelhető jegyekhez ezt fűzte:

We’re very excited to be joining you July 26 … But we should set the table correctly. This film is as paper thin as a sequel to Battlefield Earth. We’re mostly going to beat each other senseless, make enemies with Disney, tell a few dick jokes, make a few jokes at my expense, make a lot of jokes at Hugh’s expense, and completely sidestep Marvel’s mandated after-credits sequence, which if you haven’t figured it out yet, is always just a commercial for another movie which will invariably end with a commercial for another movie. So sit back, relax, let us lower your IQ and raise your heart rate while we travel to a vapid Dreamland, a place where grown men and grown women walk around in tights, and act like it’s not a giant cultural cry for help. This is cinema

Akkor most ezt irónia nélkül, ahogy Gore mondaná.

Az új poszter alatt van egy videó is.

Hugh know you want to. #DeadpoolAndWolverine pic.twitter.com/bxBHdm9EXK

— Deadpool Movie (@deadpoolmovie) May 20, 2024